Jurnal Iqtisaduna is a scientific journal, provides a forum for publishing the original research articles, review articles from contributors, and the novel technology news related to Islamic economics, banking, and finance
Research articles dealing with Islamic economics, Islamic banking, Islamic finance, etc. are particularly welcome. The journal encompasses research articles, original research report, reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries in Islamic economics, banking, and finance.

The journal publishes manuscripts written both in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Manuscripts submitted for publication must be original contributions. They should not have been previously published or under consideration by any other publisher. Only under special circumstances will the Editorial Team consider republishing specific papers already published elsewhere (with due copyright permission) if such papers are deemed worthy of wider circulation, and at the request of the author.


The journal editor "Iqtishaduna" accepts writings from any circle, with the following conditions:
1. Minimum length of manuscript is 10 and maximum of 20 double spaced pages.
2. Manuscript contains: title, author's name, abstract, (Indonesian or English, key words, introduction (without subtitles), subheading (written as needed, closing and bibliography / references.
3. Writing reference sources using system footnotes (footnotes).
4. The manuscript is an original (original) work.
5. The submitted manuscripts have never been published in any publication.
6. The manuscript is sent as many as 2 (two) copies, along with the diskette (microfot word program).
7. All the manuscripts will be selected through the editing session, the manuscripts that meet the requirements will be published.
8. As a prerequisite for writing processing and selection, writing contributors must become subscribers of the Iqtishaduna Journal.
9. Writing the manuscript must be in a brief bio (on a separate sheet), including personal identity, rank / class, field of expertise, position, and recent educational experience.
10. Willing to contribute in terms of the cost of printing a written paper that is definitely published, provided that for lecturers in the IAI Al-Azhaar Lubuklinggau environment Rp. 100,000, - for those outside, a minimum of Rp. 150,000.-